Email to McDonald’s executives asking them to stop the ongoing McDonald’s Monopoly fraud immediately

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From: Vincent B. Le Corre

Subject: STOP THE FRAUD NOW! Unfair Commercial Practices Act EU LAW

Date sent:2015-10-21 14:20 (Beijing time +0800)

To: Gloria Santona <>, Steve Easterbrook <>

Cc: Robert Gibbs (, Silvia Lagnado (, Kevin Ozan <>, Jim Sappington (, Mike Andres <>, Nawfal Trabelsi (, Isabelle Kuster (, Alexis Bourdon (, Hubert Mongon (, Christophe Chapuis (, Xavier Royaux (, Françoise de Borda (

Dear Ms. Santona and dear Mr. Easterbrook,

I know you people must be very busy executives but I beg you to please take 5 minutes to read this page and the part about misleading omissions :

You will of course think you don’t know European law very well and you prefer to give this case to an expert law firm to handle him.

It would be wrong! Why? because the very core of the Unfair Commercial Practices Act are for the protection of the “average consumer”.

Therefore it must not require deep and specific legal knowledge to determine if, yes or no, the fact you’ve not only omitted to say that the game was rigged but also intentionally made people believe they had the same probabilities to pick a sticker rue de la Paix as a sticker avenue des Champs-Elysées, falls under the Unfair Commercials Practices Act. It’s so obvious that it does constitute fraud!

You must stop the game at once. You don’t need to wait for anything anymore.

Ms. Santona and Mr. Easterbrook, please think about this:

Let’s assume, for the sake of the argument, that you didn’t know about this fraud. And that you would have been mislead by the mistakes of some clearly unqualified lawyers. I believe that McDonald’s has the financial power to afford the best attorneys in the world. I also believe that most likely, the attorneys who gave the go ahead for this scam must earn very well.

Let’s assume, still for the sake of the argument, that they did a mistake. What would happen to them? considering the scale of the fraud, the money at stake, they would be disbarred and their careers would be over! just like that. On top of this, they would, under French law, also be personally liable financially. France it’s not like the U.S. where you can declare yourself in bankruptcy state. In France, these lawyers would have to work for the rest of their life to settle their debt which they could never pay off. And they would be allowed to spend for themselves only maybe 800 euros a month.

Let’s assume therefore that the 2 above paragraphs were true, for the sake of the argument. Would it be unconceivable that these lawyers are trying to say anything to make you believe that the this fraud is not a fraud and that it’s legal. That they are simply trying to save themselves. Please think about it.

I sincerely do believe that the U.S. team must have known somehow that the legality of the Monopoly game in Europe was under question. But if you can prove you really didn’t know before, you can’t do this claim anymore now since I’ve clearly notified you directly!

Also, the intent to commit fraud is clear since I’ve sent cease and desist letters twice at 6 different people, everything by certified mail of course. (sent to the French headquarters and to the member of the boards of the French company)

The further you people (the U.S. team) wait to stop this fraud, the further you will make yourselves liable from now on. And I am not talking only about the civil responsibility of the McDonald’s corporation. I am also talking about your personal responsibility. These are criminal matters.

Best regards,

[ Vincent B. Le Corre ]
Shanghai, October 21st 2015, 14h17 Shanghai time

PS: this email is sent to the following people:
U.S. executive team:
Gloria Santona
Steve Easterbrook
Robert Gibbs
Silvia Lagnado
Kevin Ozan
Jim Sappington
Mike Andres

French executive team:
Isabelle KUSTER
Christophe CHAPUIS
Francoise de Borda

Click on this link to visualize the original email: 2015-10-21_1420_0800_STOP_THE_FRAUD_NOW_Unfair_Commercial_Practices_Act_EU_LAW_Redacted.pdf

Vincent B. Le Corre

I am the key witness and whistleblower in the major criminal RICO case targeting McDonald’s Corporation and their accomplices for fraud, money laundering, and corruption of foreign officials and magistrates. Initially granted anonymity by the European Court of Human Rights (Rules 33 and 47 of the Rules of Court), I made the decision in August 2023 to temporarily go public with my identity. This decision, driven by concerns for my own safety and that of my loved ones, was taken despite the potential risks, hoping it will be temporary only and that I can return to anonymity soon.