About the website en.XiJinping.fr

This is a non-official website on Xi Jinping, President of China.

Who am I?

I happen to be the key witness, analyst and whistleblower in the criminal RICO case targeting McDonald’s Corporation and their accomplices. I also happened to land in China over 10 years ago under very unusual circumstances, which I will maybe explain later.

Launching a website like this one, having the name of the President of China in its domain name, while being at the same time a foreign permanent resident in China might seem risky. But I decided to do so, not as a sign of protest against the severe and ongoing violations of my human rights by France, but because I tried my very best to warn the French authorities about the serious systemic issues plaguing the French judicial system.

I went as far as launching the non-official website Nicole-Belloubet.com hoping to get the attention of the former French Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet. But rather than acknowledging the seriousness of the problems I was pointing at, she allegedly lodged a criminal complaint against me for having launched this non-official website on her, which, by the way, is perfectly legal in France.

In September 2021, when I learned this news, I was so disgusted that I decided to register the domain name XiJinping.fr and I told myself, “let’s see what happens in China if I launch such a website.” My purpose is of course not to defy the Chinese system because I know I will lose. But for a very long time already, I thought about doing a hunger strike to protest the violations by France of my human rights (supposedly) protected by the European Convention on Human Rights.

As I explained in an email to French law Professor Yves Strickler, I initially intended to go to Strasbourg, France, where the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) is located, to stage my hunger strike protest. However, I would later learn that the ECtHR doesn’t allow people to protest before the Court’s building, which I have to admit is kind of ironical.

Furthermore, the news that former French Minister of Justice Nicole Belloubet had lodged a criminal complaint against me also made me understand it might not be safe for me to return to France since I am now obviously kind of a wanted man.

Therefore, since I happen to be in China, one of the few places I could stage a hunger strike would be in Beijing, before the building of the French Embassy. But to do so would require, like in any country, an authorization from the Chinese authorities.

On December 15, 2023, I attempted to file a request for interim measures before the European Court of Human Rights but my eFax account was unexpectedly and unexplainably suspended when I tried to log in to send the third and final fax I was supposed to send that day. I therefore decided to give myself a couple of more days to rewrite and polish up this third fax I intend to resubmit soon.

I also decided that I will first try to send a final request to French President Emmanuel Macron, request, which will be published on the non-official website Macron-Emmanuel.com for everyone to see.

I was, as you can imagine, under intense pressure when I activated this website, fearing that next morning, the police might knock at my door. But the Chinese authorities seem to have been, so far, understanding of my situation and I am still, for now, a free man. And I hope I will keep my freedom.

This website was initially created, and still exists, for the situation where I am left with no other choices. If French President Emmanuel Macron and/or the European Court of Human Rights don’t answer me positively, my last and final attempt at trying to get justice will be to stage a hunger strike protest in front, or within, the French Embassy in Beijing.

Because I try to be a law abiding citizen, I will, of course, first write to President Xi to kindly request the authorization to stage such a protest on Chinese soil.

To find out more about me, please visit X-v-France.com.